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"We use the feedback to continually review client satisfaction and our overall deliver processes. In the multiple choice questions our clients score us from one to five for things like service, communication and value.  It has helped us change processes, for example how we communicate to our clients, and how we communicate with our associates."

Joshua Lloyd-Jones, EFM

“The whole Enquir3 process is pure genius.  It is entirely logical and makes total sense.  As soon as Burgis and Bullock have the full system operational with our testimonials and case studies working on our website, we aim to introduce it to our clients. Finding out what clients think, working to maximise retention, referrals and cross sales and automating ‘Marketing’ as far as possible is a total no brainer, I love it.”

Sean Farnell, Partner, Burgis & Bullock

What Enquir3 Offers

At Enquir3 we are all about helping you to make the most out of your greatest asset: your existing clients. The first step is to engage with them via a structured, but personal process, so that you can gain an insight into what they truly think about your business and the service you offer. This leads onto a huge number of opportunities for you as a business which can all be supported by us here at Enquir3. Here's a very brief summary of what we do and how our services can help you:

Client Engagement Audit

Enquir3 engages with clients on your behalf to gain a greater understanding of what they really think of your business, which can help identify any potential issues, find ways to enhance your service and increase referrals

Automated Feedback

If you would prefer to take a more DIY approach to client engagement then we can provide you with a feedback collection platform that will allow you to collect feedback online from your clients and to automatically publish this to your website.

Marketing Content Creation

By conducting a Client Engagement Audit you will have testimonials which can be used across your marketing activities. You can choose to expand on this by taking advantage of our additional packages which creates case studies and video content.

Website Integration

Our sophisticated feedback collection system can be integrated into a third party website, or if you are looking to give your website a refresh then we can assist you in building a new website and incorporating the system into this.

Do you want to really understand why your clients buy from
you, why they choose to stay, what more you could offer to them
and how to increase their referrals?