The 6 Step Enquir3 Process

The Referral Mastermind Group Strategy and Process has been developed from the Enquir3 process that revolves around three core activities:

1.    Client and other Stakeholder Interviews:

These uncover the causes of dissatisfaction that can then be acted upon and over time eliminated resulting in improved satisfaction, retention and referrals, and at the same time…

Interviews provide a rich source of ‘content’ that can be used for communications with all Stakeholders.  This not only supports the objectives of improving client satisfaction, retention and referrals, but also assists lead generation and conversion.

More often than not, over time client feedback indicates a high degree of satisfaction with prices and value for money, which in turn allows the business to increase prices and bottom line profits.
Addressing the causes of dissatisfaction, means less firefighting, improved staff morale and more time to focus on helping clients, boosting operational efficiency.

2.    Content Creation:

The vast majority of businesses have all the tools they need to communicate with clients and prospects, a website, email, social media, but they don’t use them.  In other words, they don’t use them. They don’t communicate with prospects and clients because they don’t create interesting and meaningful content.  

Every good sales person uses ‘stories’ and ‘anecdotes’ to sell their services.  Interview clients, identify the happy ones with a great story to tell, write the ‘success stories’ in the form of a mini case study and ‘problem solved’.

Testimonials and mini case studies with a bit of context; problems solved, benefits enjoyed and the profile of satisfied clients…  delivers the content needed to communicate:

  • In Prospecting:  Increase lead generation and conversion => increased new client acquisition.
  • Client Engagement:  Increase retention, cross sales and referrals.

3.    Automation Technology:

Even with content, business owners frequently struggle to put their new content to work which is why Enquir3 have developed a suite of technology to automate the process.  Automation reduces the labour required which in turn makes the entire process extremely affordable.

The automation technology does several things:

Streamlines the collection of Client Feedback and Testimonials:

  • Using a combination of telephone interviews.
  • Feedback Apps.
  • Electronic feedback forms with automated processing.

Semi-Automated Publication across multiple websites and media:

  • Testimonials and Case Studies.
  • Pages automatically ‘call’ and display relevant content

Automated Referral Request and Reward Systems:

  • Automate the process of requesting and tracking referrals.

All of which can be delivered as either a DIY solution for businesses with the resources and inclination to do it in house.  The vast majority of clients focus on income generation, i.e. they do what they do to generate revenue and outsource the entire process to Enquir3 or others.

Even with the entire process outsourced a series of management decisions and systematic testing and measuring is required to establish the optimum process and combination of activities for each business.  This leads us to the action plan and the process that forms the foundations of the first 6 months:

Months 1 to 6:

  • Client Satisfaction – A process to improve client engagement.
  • Content Creation – Interesting and relevant to audience.
  • Communicating – Engaging with all key stake holders.
  • Measuring and addressing causes of client dissatisfaction.
  • Clarifying commercial messaging – maximise referrals / sales.
  • Systematic, proactive partner referral strategies.

This is the ‘foundation’ phase and the businesses who have successfully followed the process will be ‘Referral Ready’ allowing them to move their business growth to the next level.

Month 7 onwards is focussed on ensuring each member works to establish a successful ‘Referral Mastermind Group’ where the members each work with each other to proactively identify businesses who need each other’s services, to may targeted and timely introductions and endorsements.  This ‘Referral Process’ will ideally be deployed in a manner that results in perfect referrals at the ideal time and of the optimum quantity being passed.

The groups will need to continue to meet on a regular basis to keep the process running.

Month 7 onwards…

  • Referral Partnership Process, plus
  • Peer Problem Solving, plus
  • Expert Speaker / Business Advice

Next Steps.

  1. Discuss the RMG process and Strategy
  2. Commission a Client Engagement Audit to…
  3. Experience the Enquir3 process / service first hand, and…
  4. Obtaining Evidence of Client Satisfaction for RMG members.
  5. Discuss and Agree ‘Heads’ for the Partnership Model to clarify:
     a. Obligations of the Parties.
     b. The detail of what is done by others.
  6. Establish the first Phase 1 group, the B2B Professional Services RMG
  7. Time Scale = 3 to 4 months from start to the establishment of the first RMG.

You will want to commission an Client Engagement Audit for a number of reasons:

  • To experience the Enquir3 service and process first hand and to discover what a positive experience it is for you and for your clients.  
  • To find out what your clients really think of the service they receive and be able to address any issues raised.
  • To ensure you have some up to date positive client feedback to help establish your own ‘quality, trusted supplier’ credentials with your RMG ‘Partners’ and their clients.

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