Business Safety Systems

About Business Safety Systems:            

Health and Safety is a legal obligation for every company, as is financial control and reporting. 

BSS is for Health and Safety, what Xero is for Accountants.  It is the most advanced online management system in the UK, used by businesses and their advisors to manage their most critical asset, the Health and Safety of staff.

Why did BSS start working with Enquir3:   

BSS are experts on Health and Safety. Their recently launched T100 software is the most advanced H&S software available.  

BSS needed to know exactly what their clients really thought to ensure maximum client satisfaction.

What did Enquir3 do for Business Safety Systems:

Discovering what clients really thought about the BSS software and support was addressed and in next to no time BSS knew what was good and what needed to be improved.  They were also able to identify and address issues their clients were not happy about - many fixes were quick and simple. 

Improved communication with customers delivered an immediate improvement in client satisfaction.  The process also revealed many clients were unaware of how the BSS software could help them manage ‘Risk’.  This knowledge led to a completely new product being developed. 

Having addressed client satisfaction, BSS worked with Enquir3 to deliver:

  • A streamlined process to increase sales to existing clients and increase referral rates.
  • The establishment of formal referral partnerships built on evidence of client satisfaction.
  • Automating creation & distribution of marketing content to improve conversion and improve SEO.

Enquir3 run the process, allowing BSS to focus on looking after clients and prospects better.

Enquir3 help us make a positive impact on every area of the business, including development and operations, but especially with client retention and acquisition. “We discovered we needed to be better at explaining benefits and how we are unique.  When you are busy and successful, it is all too easy to miss opportunities.  

With Enquir3’s help we now know exactly what we need to do to get much more out of our current team with no additional expenditure. Our relationship with Enquir3 is changing the way we do business.  We are already enjoying the benefits of the Enquir3 Services and the ‘Referral Partnerships Process’.  I look forward to taking it to the next level.”

Services Enquir3 have delivered to Business Safety Systems:

  • Client Engagement Audits – Resulting in increased client satisfaction, retention and ad hoc referrals.
  • Marketing Automation – Delivering increased cross sales, conversion and process driven referrals.
  • The Referral Partnership Process – Taking client acquisition and referrals to a whole new level.

“We evaluated alternative providers; online, paper based, and market research companies and discovered Enquir3 provide this and much more.  

Guaranteed success rates for interviewing clients, they also process feedback and deliver automation tools which improve retention, cross sales and increase referrals…  no other provider offers the end to end services Enquir3 deliver…”

Neil Shotton (Managing Director)
Business Safety Systems