Client Engagement Audit

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Do you really know the strength of your client relationships? Delighted clients are highly ‘engaged’, refer more and will purchase more. Dissatisfied clients are ‘dis-engaged’, disloyal and will damage your business reputation. But how do you identify those that are highly engaged or dissatisfied? It's a common business concern and one that many struggle to answer, often letting the problems remain and continue losing clients every year.

What is the Client Engagement Audit?

The Client Engagement Audit (CEA) puts the focus back on your clients and what they really think about your business. By engaging with them via the CEA process you can unlock invaluable information about their experience with your business, highlighting areas for improvement, growth and in some cases, to prevent them from leaving. The results of the CEA give you a stream of testimonials to use across your marketing activities and to populate your website with, this can be taken even further with our additional services which include; video creation, case studies and further client engagement.

Once you are ready to start the CEA, we create your business an online portal for the collection and distribution of feedback.

We will provide you with an email template to send your clients, letting them know that we'll be getting in touch regarding feedback soon

We begin calling your clients and gathering their feedback with our pre-defined question set, which is recorded via your online portal

Each time a new piece of feedback is collected you will receive an automatic email notification with a copy of the feedback

You will receive a weekly status update regarding progress of the calls and a summary of feedback collected so far in the process

At the end of the process a full review will be completed with a business advisor to show you how to maximise its potential

The service provided by Enquir3 was open, friendly, quick and well described. I've got some good testimonials, reassured myself that customers...
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What are the benefits?

  • Improved Client Retention, Cross Sales and Referral Rates
  • Increased Lead Generation and Conversion Rates from existing marketing activities
  • Immediate perceived improvement in Client Satisfaction