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Testimonial Processing & Publication (TPP)

Testimonial processing and publication (TPP) is the automated process of collecting feedback and referrals. It provides the functionality for feedback and the follow-up process to be initiated automatically.

This self-service tool allows your business to fully manage the system and referral process yourself. If you do need additional support take a look at our entry level 'Audit' and the full 'Client Satisfaction Plus' options.

Here's some examples of customers using the 'Testimonial Processing and Publication' system

Advisor Directories

The Advisor directories have been created to allow businesses another facility to gather feedback from their customers.

A business can take out a FREE listing on one of the directories, this can be populated with their logo, contact information and details of services / products.

If you'd like to be listed on any of the below directories, please get in touch.

Feedback App

The 'Feedback App' allows a business to collect feedback from their customers in a service environment, e.g. a pub or restaurant. For example, a waiter could pass around a tablet connected to the 'Feedback App', after a table has paid their bill asking if they would kindly provide their feedback.

This feedback is then automatically pushed to the connected websites/ systems, so that the feedback is instantly published and visible.

How can I get the app?


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