Understanding What Irritates Your Customers

Lets assume you have asked your customers to rate you on a 5 point scale (with 5 as 'top marks').

What would you say is an 'ok' score?

Human nature would suggest the midpoint of '3 out of 5' is 'ok', so maybe you can live with that... The research tells a different story.

Understanding what your customers really thinkTake a look at this '5 point' scale:

5 = Very Satisfied

4 = Satisfied

3 = Slightly Dissatisfied

2 = Somewhat Dissatisfied

1 = Extremely Dissatisfied

Zone of Affection (Promoters)

Those scoring 5/5 will actively promote your business. On average they will tell 5 other people.

Zone of Indifference (Non-Promoters)

Those scoring 4/5 really don't care one way of the other...

Zone of Defection (Detractors)

Those scoring 1-3/5 will go out of their way to tell people to avoid your services. On average they will tell 15 other people.

Source: Robert Ford / Jim Heskett Harvard Business School

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